We are a young company with entrepreneurial spirit and determination.

Toro is on its way to become a global leader in innovative beverages with an outstanding collection of natural beverage brands.

Our brands


Matcha-powered Energy Drinks. Made with Japanese Uji matcha and only natural ingredients, a can of ToroMatcha provides hours of energy with no jitters and no crash.

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Posh Mixers

POSH means “in a refined or upper-class way”. Premium Cocktail Mixers, which can be mixed with a spirit or sipped solo as a non-alcoholic libation.

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We focus on clean ingredients in our products

In a world where health is paramount and wellness trends are evolving faster than ever, one company stands out as a pioneer in delivering innovative, wholesome, and delicious beverages – Toro Beverages Inc. With an unwavering commitment to promoting wellbeing without compromising on taste, Toro is revolutionizing the beverage industry.

“Our ambition is to become the best performing, most trusted and respected natural beverage companies in the world.”

- Oussama Saoudi, Founder & CEO

Proudly Canadian

We're proud to remain a Canadian owned and operated company. Our brands were made in Canada and we can't wait for them to be enjoyed by people all around the world.

Toro Beverages Inc is on its way to become a global leader in innovative beverages. Our business is built on the principles and foundations laid by the giants of the industry.